About Us

Board Leadership

The Trinity School Board of Trustees is made up of 13-22 elected individuals. In addition, a representative of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and the Head of School serve as ex officio members. The bylaws of the Board of Trustees require trustees to be interested in independent school education, citizens and/or legal residents of the United States, and over the age of twenty-five years. Each trustee must hold as vitally important the value of the Episcopal heritage of Trinity School and uphold the School’s daily chapel program.

The Board operates according to the principles of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Much of the work of the Board is accomplished in standing committees, which include board members as well as other members of the community, as needed. Standing committees include Advancement, Executive, Finance, and Governance. Occasionally, an ad hoc committee is formed for a particular purpose, such as strategic planning.

The Board is responsible for setting institutional policy, ensuring the financial well-being of the school, and fostering the mission and vision of the school. The Board works closely with the School’s administration, which is responsible for the daily operation of the school and the implementation of Board-directed strategy and policies.

Board of Trustees

  • Mr. Dwight Alworth
  • Mrs. Erin Black
  • Mrs. Kelly (Courts) Blackburn
  • Mrs. Linda Cowden
  • Mr. Will Crump
  • Mrs. Vicki Donnell
  • Mrs. Giré Dragun
  • Mrs. Barbara Farish
  • Mrs. Ann Hankins
  • The Rev. Robert Hennagin, Rector of Holy Trinity Church, ex officio
  • Mr. Steven Jeffcoat
  • Dr. Premila (Singh) Johnson
  • Mr. Clark Lea
  • Mrs. Patti MacDonald
  • Mr. Michael McWilliams
  • Mr. Luke Musselman
  • Mrs. Diana Person
  • Mr. Noble Starnes
  • Mrs. Terry Wilkinson
  • Mr. James Wilson

All members of the board can be contacted at info@trinitymidland.org


  • Mr. Michael McWilliams, President
  • Mr. Dwight Alworth,  First Vice President
  • Mrs. Vicki Donnell, Second Vice President
  • Mr. Steven Jeffcoat, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Giré Dragun, Secretary
  • Mrs. Shelby Hammer, Head of School and Ex Officio Member

Life Trustees

  • Kate Beal
  • Kelly Beal
  • Stuart Beal
  • Larry Bell
  • Mary de Compiegne
  • Norbert Dickman
  • Julie Edwards
  • Tony Farish
  • Russell Meyers
  • Steve Person
  • Jack Rathbone
  • Candyce Roybal
  • Jane Williams
  • Jim Woodcock