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Student Life


Student Leadership is an integral part of student success, and creating a culture of student engagement means providing the opportunity to speak and be heard. Cultivating student leadership in the Middle and Upper School levels provides students the opportunity to emerge as invaluable resources to both the School’s future and the preparation of their future life. Through our diverse Student Leadership opportunities, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Honor Council

Honor Council provides students the opportunity to take ownership of their academic experience with virtue and respect. Members of the Honor Council work together to uphold the School’s Honor Code, review any possible infractions that might occur and act as advisors to  Administration on what they feel is fair.

Student Council

Student Council is responsible for fundraising activities and school-wide initiatives such as Homecoming, Prom and Valentine’s Day. They also act as student consultants when Administration is making decisions that affect the student population.

Chapel Prefects

Chapel prefects, students selected by the Chaplain with input from the faculty, serve important roles in leadership and worship. Prefects are respected by their peers, and the position is considered a major leadership role. Students do not need to be outstanding scholars or athletes or artists to be Prefects.  As such, it is a unique leadership opportunity for students in a non-competitive and non-academic realm. Prefects serve in all chapel services and periodically plan music and messages for student-led chapels.

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.