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The mission of the Wellness Program at Trinity School is to help equip the students, families, and staff of Trinity School with the habits of mind and body necessary to sustain physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Counseling services at Trinity School seek to assist students in acquiring and developing the skills to make wise choices in life, academics, and personal relationships. The goal is to help students demonstrate a positive attitude toward themselves and others, develop self-responsibility, develop effective decision-making skills, and enhance relationship skills. School success increases and students thrive as students use these skills to understand and appreciate the lifelong process of learning, growing, and changing.

Referrals for counseling services can be initiated by parents, administrators, the nurse, teachers, or coaches. All referrals will be communicated to Mrs. Betsy Faris, Director of Student Life and Wellness.  Mrs. Faris counsels and meets with students as time allows.

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  • Privacy and Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is a key feature of the counseling experience. Mrs. Faris will notify parents if she meets with any student more than three times about the same issue.

    The information discussed during the counseling sessions will not be shared with anyone other than agreed upon staff, except in situations where a child’s well-being and safety is a concern.
  • Counseling Records

    Counseling records are the property of Trinity School of Midland; they are separate from the academic records and will be stored in a locked file cabinet in the counseling office. Only the counselors and the Head of School, when warranted, will have access to the counseling records. In accordance with counseling standards of practice, records will be kept on file for seven years.
  • Code of Ethics

    As a school counselor, Mrs. Faris will abide by the American School Counseling Association Code of Ethics. A Code of Ethics informs one of acceptable counselor practices and expected behavior. A copy of the Code of Ethics is available here

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  • Betsy Faris, Student Life and Wellness Director

    Betsy Brooks Faris

    Director of Student Life and Wellness
    Year Appointed: 2018
    • UT-Permian Basin - B.A. Communication
    • Angelo State University - M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction
    • UT-Permian Basin - Certification School Counselor K-12
    • Angelo State University - Certification Principal EC-12

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.