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  • What is included in the project?

    Phase A of the project includes a new two-story Lower School building and an expansion of All Saints Chapel to accommodate the larger Lower School population. Our stretch goal, Phase A+, includes a new entry experience and a library that will serve all students in grades PreK-3 through 12.
  • What is the timeline for this project?

    Construction will begin once the School has received 100% of the project cost in gifts and pledges. Once begun, construction time is expected to be between 18-24 months. 
  • Does this project improve security?

    Yes! The project includes additional security measures, such as a new attractive perimeter boundary that provides greater security than the current redwood fence and electric doors with automatic locks in the new buildings. The landscape and security design balances a warm environment with the imperative for safety and security.
  • Will this plan impact parking? 

    The School conducted a traffic study in Spring 2022 to inform decisions about traffic flow and parking. The Campus Master Plan provides additional parking in some areas while eliminating it in other areas. The landscape architects are investigating additional parking sites, including the areas around Coombes Field and the Trinity School Tennis Center.
  • Where will students be located during construction? 

    Depending on the scope and stage of construction, Lower School students may continue to attend school in their current classrooms or in “chalets” located on the north side of campus near Coombes Field.
  • Will the plans allow for new students or will this just accommodate the student population we already have?

    The Board of Trustees intentionally managed the growth of the student population to maintain Trinity’s strong community. These building plans accommodate four sections in grades PreK-4 through 4 (60-68 students per grade level). We do not anticipate further expanding these grades.
  • What are the projections for growth in the Middle and Upper Schools?

    Trinity anticipates that the fifth grade will also have four sections. If historical patterns continue, we hope to have 45-50 in each grade from grades 6 to 12.
  • What will the logistics be during construction?

    Trinity will work with the construction company to provide a safe campus environment and modified carpool plans that allow students to participate in all of Trinity’s programs. These plans may change during the various stages of construction. Trinity is committed to effectively communicating all changes to the community to make this growth opportunity as smooth as possible.
  • Where will CEC be located during construction?

    Trinity will work with the CEC leadership and the construction company to ensure that this important program is appropriately accommodated during the construction period.
  • What are the expense implications of the additional square footage?

    Because new construction is more energy efficient in terms of design, materials, and systems, Trinity expects a cost savings, even with the additional space being added.
  • Are there plans for a water filtration system?

    Plans for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems are already part of the design process, including easy access to filtered water in the new buildings.

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.