Tuition Refund Insurance

Grade Level
(2.2% of tuition)
PreK-3/PreK-4 $303.49
Kindergarten $406.89
1,2,3 $406.89
4 $428.89
5,6 $460.35
7,8 $460.35
9,10,11,12 $502.15
You may be required to participate in a tuition refund plan, depending upon the payment plan that you choose. The premium cost will be billed to you on the first term statement. Proportionate reductions will be made for those receiving tuition assistance, scholarships, and/or discounts.

The tuition insurance option authorizes the School to collect any claim payment to which you are entitled under the Tuition Refund Plan and credit your account, paying any excess to you. You also agree to pay the School within 30 days of receipt of a final itemized bill whatever balance remains unpaid after any payment by the Plan is credited to your account.

If you choose the two installment payment plan or the nine installment payment plan, you will be required to purchase tuition refund insurance.

If you choose to pay the full tuition amount in one payment on or before July 1 preceding the start of the school year, you may also choose to purchase tuition refund insurance. 
If you have any questions, please email Ortencia Perez or call 432-697-3281, ext. 208.

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.