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Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Trinity School is a college preparatory community that provides a nurturing environment to enrich the mind, strengthen the body, enliven the soul, and inspire servant leadership.


Values represent the conscience of the community; they are like “pillars” in an organization. Values distinguish the School’s philosophy and shape its ethos, culture, and practice. Values are springboards for daily action and filters for decision- making. Named values are both seen among us already and the goals we aspire to attain every day.

At Trinity School we value Character, which is manifested in . . .

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  • Faith

    Faith is foundational to our everyday ethical decisions, thinking, and behavior.
  • Excellence

    We believe each of us should pursue excellence in everything we do, working hard to be all we can be, and Trinity School will, as an institution, pursue excellence in all aspects of school life.
  • Learning

    We prize learning both as the outcome of hard work and as the lifelong process by which wisdom is gained. We cultivate a passion for learning in all that we do in and out of the classroom, in our curriculum and instruction, in our many extracurricular activities, in our life experiences, and when solving the problems with which we are faced.
  • Community

    We celebrate the School’s traditions, practice good manners, support friends and peers, and show respect and appreciation for both those in authority and those we serve.
  • Respect

    We respect individuals and acknowledge the differences among us. We value the fact that each person is gifted with unique abilities, talents, interests, backgrounds, and challenges. We endeavor to be responsive to differences in readiness to learn, in styles of learning, in ability for various pursuits, and inclinations and interests. We who are Trinity School come from diverse social, economic, family, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Each of us contributes to the quality of the school, and we learn from each other as we are challenged by differing opinions, ideas, beliefs, and presuppositions.
  • Participation

    Each student’s education is made richer by full participation in the extracurricular opportunities of the School. Commitment to community service, student government, athletics, studio arts, performing arts, daily chapel, clubs, and international programs will bring out hidden talents, cultivate interest, and make us well-rounded, healthy persons.
  • Leadership

    Positive leadership is modeled, practiced, and encouraged by giving students opportunities to develop their God-given talents and to strengthen their skill in decision-making, team-building, and conflict resolution.
  • Service

    Service within the School and to the community and beyond fosters social responsibility, forms character, and builds confidence in persons who learn they can have a positive impact and make a lasting difference.
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Core Competencies

The Seven Core Competencies are both a distillation of the Mission Statement of Trinity School—what we are committed to doing as a scholastic community—and the very goals or desired outcomes the Faculty & Staff can use to plan our course of study and measure our progress across the entire School.

The Core Competencies are the way we put legs on the Mission and Values of the School. They make it much easier to focus our planning and test our progress. If Trinity School is to be truly mission driven, our purpose moves beyond the development of academic skills to address formation of the whole person to the fullest extent of his or her God-given abilities and talents. Thus, we will commit ourselves to the ideal that graduates of Trinity School will:

List of 7 items.

  • Engage Spiritually

    Graduates of Trinity School will understand the basic tenets of the Christian faith, be equipped with useful knowledge of other religious traditions, practice respect and hospitality, and exemplify servant leadership and a willingness to protect the quality of life of all of God’s creation.
  • Embody Character

    For the purpose of promoting responsibility, fairness, and caring, graduates of Trinity School will exercise leadership, courageously enter conversations, make choices, demonstrate confidence, model exemplary behavior and, consequently, be worthy of trust and respect.
  • Practice Scholarship

    Graduates of Trinity School will be active learners, possess a deep understanding of and facility with the foundational ideas of the academic disciplines, thirst for knowledge, be inquisitive, and employ research skills and analytical thinking to the process of discerning the quality, the credibility, or the reasonableness of an idea, argument, or product.
  • Work Collaboratively

    Graduates of Trinity School will be loyal and responsible citizens, within the school, the local community, the United States, and the world at large, demonstrating respect for the role that open- mindedness, teamwork, and cooperation play in building a sustainable future.
  • Take Ownership

    Graduates of Trinity School will take initiative, be flexible, advocate for themselves, manage time and resources, apply problem-solving strategies to support their own learning, evaluate and monitor their own performance, welcome critical feedback, and accept persistence in the face of adversity as key to learning.
  • Communicate Effectively

    Graduates of Trinity School will listen with empathy and understanding, read with comprehension, think reflectively, and craft clear, concise, and compelling messages – orally, in writing, and artistically – knowing how and when to employ technology to enhance meaning when necessary to the task or audience.
  • Be Well

    Graduates of Trinity School will be equipped with the habits of mind and body necessary to sustain physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.