Preschool and Lower School Music

Preschool Music

In Preschool and Kindergarten music, students learn to identify and perform a steady beat, high and low sounds, loud and soft sounds, as well as rhythm (or "how the words go" in a song). Students dance and move to music, play games and instruments as well as find their singing voice and memorize chapel and patriotic songs. They use a variety of curricula, including the online curriculum "Quaver" as well as the "old school" curriculum "Game Plan." PreK-3 and PreK-4 students perform a musical in which they sing, utilize costumes, props, instruments and acting. They also learn the role of music in our culture through performances on Grandparents Day and the Christmas Lessons and Carols service. Kindergarten students also lead in a chapel service to honor the saints on All Saints Day. Each child dresses as a particular saint, and all students sing hymns including "I Sing a Song of the Saints of God."

Lower School Music

Lower School students (Grades 1-3) begin learning to read music notation including rhythms, pitches by letter name and solfege, harmony, and style, dynamic, and tempo markings. Students gain experience playing various percussion instruments including drums and xylophones, and recorder in 3rd grade. They practice these skills as they prepare to lead worship in chapel services as well as various performances: Grandparents Day and Christmas Lessons and Carols as well as a musical, complete with costumes, instruments, soloists, and acting. Students also practice conducting, composition, dance, choreography, and game skills as they learn various American and world folk songs, patriotic songs, and dances and games. Each school year culminates with Musical May: a unit in which students view a uniquely American genre--the musical.

Fourth Grade Music

Fourth graders study basic music notation and terminology as well as developing their ear and sight singing skills. Nothing is learned by rote. Children are taught to read music by studying musical scores. A variety of genres are taught including sacred, pop, and folk music. Students sing in two part harmony and learn how to sing in an ensemble. Students will be introduced to ringing handbells which also teaches them valuable reading skills and how to work with others.

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