Why Private School?

Trinity School is more than a private school. It’s an independent school, meaning that the School is truly independent in creating its own curriculum without the restrictions of state-mandated tests or textbooks. Independent schools have high academic standards, small class sizes, and excellent faculty. They have their own missions. The mission of Trinity School includes educating the whole child by allowing time for arts and athletics while nurturing students’ personal and social growth and civic conscience. Experience the difference an independent school can make in your child’s life.


Compared to public schools and public school students:
  • Private school students generally perform higher on standardized achievement tests.
  • Private high schools typically have more demanding graduation requirements.
  • Private school graduates are more likely to have completed advanced- level courses in three academic subject areas.
  • Private school students are more likely to complete a bachelor's or advanced degree by their mid-20s.

Elementary school parent

J. was experiencing bullying and a decreased sense of worth and self–confidence at the public school system and the charter school . . . J. today is a different person. She is learning to navigate those friendships that are difficult. She is emerging as an independent 4th grader with self-confidence and self-worth. . . . and the level of learning is unbelievable!

Dr. Emily Dodd '06

Trinity was a place where I always felt comfortable being myself, thanks to an incredible culture and community. Whether I was struggling through Pre-Cal, observing strong female role models in my science education, singing along to the Beach Boys while making a mosaic in Latin IV, or spending time in Chapel learning how to connect spiritually as part of a community, I look back and realize that I was constantly being stretched and molded into an individual by people who truly cared about me.

Trinity School of Midland

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.