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Head of School Shelby Hammer

We believe that knowledge leads to understanding, listening creates
empathy, and love leads to justice. Knowledge, listening, and love form the foundation of our plan.

Our Statement of Inclusion

We are dedicated to providing a place of belonging at Trinity School for all students, employees, and people of our community.  The Administrative Leadership Team, Culture and Belonging committee, and Board of Trustees are developing Trinity's culture and belonging statement, which will be released soon.

A Year of Belonging

I am honored to begin my new role as Director of Spiritual Life and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion after two years as a chaplain. When Mrs. Hammer asked me to consider taking on this new role, I was flattered but also hesitant.  I needed time to think for primarily two reasons. First of all, I have a lot to learn, and secondly, it sounds challenging and uncomfortable. But as I quieted myself, prayed, and sought advice, I realized that in some ways, my hesitations are the work. We all have a lot to learn when it comes to living into our ideals of a more just and equitable society. Progress is not made when we stay safe and comfortable. We have to risk saying the wrong thing in order to grow in understanding and love each other well. God has opened a door for me to practice what I preach and to join our community as we move further into embodying God’s kingdom here on earth. 

Our theme this coming school year is belonging. Mrs. Hammer wrote to our community this summer: 

As an independent school in the Episcopal tradition, we take seriously God’s commandment to love one another. To be the community that we claim to be and that we aspire to be, we must strive to be a place where all people – students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni – feel that they belong. Belonging goes beyond being welcome. When you are a guest in a home, you are welcome. When you are in your home, you belong. To paraphrase Brené Brown, a community that values belonging values integrity, a community where each member is valued for being their authentic self, not for simply fitting in.

Therefore, ALT adopted Belonging as our theme for the year. No matter who you are – new student or lifer, preschooler or senior, athlete or scholar or artist or all three, Republican or Democrat, etc. – if you are a Trinity Charger, you belong here. Our job is for everyone in the Trinity community to experience Trinity School as their home away from home, a place where they belong.
Jesus does not simply invite us to follow him; he promises to make his home with us.  He doesn’t simply guide us on the way; he prepares a table and eats with us.  We have a home in God’s kingdom, a place at God’s table, as beloved children of God.  I have a new position, but the work belongs to all of us.  It is a high calling to love others as we have been loved, to listen and learn, and to make our wonderful school a place that feels like home for all God’s beloved children who call themselves Trinity Chargers.  I am so honored to be on the journey with you.  

- Rev. Shannon Weisenfels

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  • Shannon Weisenfels

    Director of Spiritual Life, Community, and Belonging
    Joined Trinity 2019
    • Texas A&M University B.A. - English
    • Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - M.Div. 
    • Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA)
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  • 30%

    of students come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds*
  • 26

    students are international students
  • 30%

    of employees come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds*
  • 12%

    of faculty come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds*
*Diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds include anyone that self-reports and identifies as Black, African-American, Asian, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, Latinx, Hispanic, Indian, North African, multiracial, and/or biracial. Some, but not all, may identify as people of color.

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