Middle and Upper School Art

Middle School

Fifth and Sixth Grade Art students make cross-curricular connections with other subjects, gaining knowledge of history and cultures through art. This exciting connection gives students the opportunity to create unique art and display their work with other subjects. Seventh and Eighth Grade Art students develop fine motor skills, problem- solving techniques, build an art vocabulary, and manipulate a variety of media, while anticipating multiple outcomes.

Upper School

Introductory courses of digital arts, drawing and painting, and ceramics and sculpture are prerequisites for most visual art courses. This gives students the opportunity to sample all the mediums to decide their future art interests. After the introductory courses, Advanced Drawing and Painting, Advanced Ceramics and Sculpture, and Advanced Photography are available. For the third year, students who wish to further investigate a medium can take AP Drawing and Painting, AP Ceramics and Sculpture, or AP Photography. Students also have the opportunity to create an independent study for courses we do not offer, such as film or architecture. Advanced courses offer opportunities to be more conceptual and self reflective.

Fun with Fabric, The Figure in Sculpture, and Metals are also available as trimester- long courses. These courses give students the opportunity to experiment with different media and techniques. These unique courses further develop imagination, problem solving and awaken creativity. Upper School Visual Art students also have the opportunity to experience the annual Independent School Association of the Southwest Art Festival.

A new exciting addition to the Fine Arts offering is the dual-credit Art Appreciation. This is a year- long course designed to create an appreciation for art and an understanding of the creative process. Students will visit museums, art galleries, and be exposed to a variety of art forms while acquiring three college credits.

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  • Mikala Bryand

    Lower School and Middle School Art Teacher
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  • Paige Gates

    Director of Fine Arts
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  • Amanda Lunson

    Middle and Upper School Art 2D art teacher
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  • Amanda Repnak

    Middle and Upper School 3D art teacher
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Lauren '20

I went to Trinity for 16 years. Now, this might sound a little cliché, but the friends I have made here are truly like family. Some of my friends have been with me since I was in preschool; they are always willing to help me out when I need help. I learned so many things, not just from my friends and books, but my teachers as well.

My teachers taught me how to deal with stress, to be myself, and to follow my dreams. I have loved my experience at Trinity. Trinity is my second home no matter how much it changes.

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