Faith & Service

The Faith & Service Foundation

    • Students and teachers sitting in the pews at All Saints Chapel at Trinity School of Midland.
At Trinity School we value Character, which is manifested in...

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  • Service

    Service within the School and to the community and beyond fosters social responsibility, forms character, and builds confidence in persons who learn they can have a positive impact and make a lasting difference.
  • Faith

    Faith is foundational to our everyday ethical decisions, thinking, and behavior.
  • Engage Spiritually

    Graduates of Trinity School of Midland will understand the basic tenets of the Christian faith, be equipped with useful knowledge of other religious traditions, practice respect and hospitality, and exemplify servant leadership and a willingness to protect the quality of life of all of God’s creation.
    • Interview with Jo Weber

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.