Educational Support Services

The Educational Support Services (ESS) program at Trinity School of Midland is designed to meet the needs of all learners, whether it be through intervention or classroom support. Intervention services are for students diagnosed with learning differences, while those who are performing below grade level expectations and benchmarks may enroll in support classes. ESS is for students who have average to above average intelligence and function well, emotionally and socially, in a college preparatory environment. Because of our high academic standards, there are limits to the types of special learning needs and the amount of personal attention we can provide to meet these needs.
ESS includes but is not limited to academic language therapy, general academic tutoring, homework assistance, and executive functioning support. The format of ESS is based on student need and is as varied as the students, providing support in a small group/class format or one-to- one basis.

Alphabetic Phonics is a systematic, sequential, multisensory based approach to language based in the Orton Gillingham method. Take Flight is also a systematic, sequential, multisensory based approach to language that is Orton Gillingham based. Other intervention programs used in the classroom prior to, in placement of, or after enrollment in either Alphabetic Phonics or Take Flight include Leveled Literacy Intervention, Pre-Flight, and Adult Literacy.
English as a Second Language (ESL) is currently offered in two levels and was added because of increased numbers of international families moving to Midland and Odessa and wishing to place their children at Trinity.

Whether enrolled or not into an ESS intervention program or academic support class, all students who have a learning profile, as created from psychoeducational testing, receive accommodations if recommended by the testing.

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.