Lower School Art

Lower School Art students are exposed to artists, art periods, geographic locations and time periods with every project. Through art, students learn about their emotions, how to communicate with others, and how to observe and analyse through art. Lower School Art is a starting point for students to gain excitement about their future as an artist.
Anabella Salas-Charlton received her five year degree, specializing in Education and Child Psychology, from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. Having moved around the world while growing up, Ana has been exposed to a plethora of cultures and mindsets that have encouraged her expression through art. With 14 years of international teaching experience, she merges her passion for creating with her vocation for teaching. Her focus is on social and emotional development while using art as a tool for expression and independence.

Trinity School of Midland

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.