Board of Trustees

List of 22 members.

  • Mr. Dwight Alworth 

  • Mrs. Erin Black 

  • Mrs. Kelly (Courts) Blackburn 

  • Mrs. Linda Cowden 

  • Mr. Will Crump 

  • Mr. Scott Dinger 

  • Mrs. Vicki Donnell 

  • Mrs. GirĂ© Dragun 

  • Mrs. Barbara Farish 

  • Mr. Brendan Fikes 

  • The Rev. David Galletly 

  • Mrs. Ann Hankins 

  • Mr. Steven Jeffcoat 

  • Dr. Premila (Singh) Johnson 

  • Mrs. Cameron (Salehi) Kelly 

  • Mr. Michael McWilliams 

  • Mrs. Diana Person 

  • Mr. Steven Pruett 

  • Mr. Collin Sewell 

  • Mrs. Kathy Shannon 

  • Mr. Noble Starnes 

  • Mr. James Wilson 

Mr. Brian Carney
Chancellor (Legal Counsel)

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Trustee Emeriti

Kate Beal
Kelly Beal
Stuart Beal
Larry Bell
Mary de Compiegne
Norbert Dickman
Julie Edwards
Tony Farish
Russell Meyers
Steve Person
Jack Rathbone
Candyce Roybal
Jane Williams
Jim Woodcock
Trinity School of Midland is governed by an independent, self-perpetuating Board of Trustees, currently with 22 members. The Board operates according to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Principles of Good Practice - Board of Trustees, and individual trustees follow the NAIS Principles of Good Practice - Independent School Trustees. The agendas of each meeting are structured to meet the fiduciary, strategic, and generative needs of the School. Board activities in meetings include hearing speakers from the different areas of school life, receiving reports from Board committees, and considering strategic and generative questions. 


Mrs. Erin Black, President
Mr. Michael McWilliams, First Vice President
Ms. Kathy Shannon, Second Vice President
Mr. Steven Pruett, Finance Chairman
Mrs. Giré Dragun, Secretary

The Rev. David Galletly, Holy Trinity Ex Officio Representative
Mrs. Shelby Hammer,  Head of School and Ex Officio Member

Trinity Endowment Corporation Directors
Joe de Compiegne, Chair
Will Crump
Jamie Terry, Treasurer
Steve Goree
Kobi Lincoln, Ex Officio
Shelby Hammer, Ex Officio
Mike Party
Karen Scharbauer
Teri Wilkinson

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