Wykeham Scholars Program

Merit scholarships for highly qualified students entering Grades 9 through 10
For students not currently enrolled at Trinity School
Applications and all accompanying material due March 1 for the school year beginning the following August

Application Process

List of 6 items.

  • (1)

    Submit these forms to apply to Trinity before March 1:

    Application for Admission to Trinity School

    Release of Records (has to accompany application; parent signature required for release of records from student's previous school)
  • (2)

    Submit the form Application for the Wykeham Scholarship, including question responses and essay, before March 1.
  • (3)

    Wykeham Scholars Selection Committee will assess all applications.
  • (4)

    The semi-finalists will be announced. All applicants will be contacted by mail and/or telephone.
  • (5)

    The Selection Committee will interview semi-finalists on the Trinity Campus.
  • (6)

    Finalists will be informed as soon as possible after all interviews are completed.


• An Applicant for the Wykeham Scholarship must have completed the standard Trinity Application for Admission and have been accepted into Trinity School. Application may be completed online.

• The cash value of a Wykeham Scholarship is $10,000 per school year. This amount is approximately half the cost of Upper School tuition.

• The scholarship is an annual grant: the scholar can depend on the grant the next and following years if he or she maintains a grade-point average of 3.5 or better.

• The Wykeham is a merit scholarship intended to attract highly qualified students to Trinity School. 

• The Wykeham Scholarship is competitive. An applicant’s track record in the various areas mentioned as criteria is the primary consideration in assessing applicants.

• Little consideration will be given to an applicant’s financial status or need. (An applicant may, of course, apply for additional financial aid through another process.)


The Wykeham Scholars Selection Committee is looking for applicants of outstanding character, intellect, leadership, and commitment to service.

A Wykeham Scholar will be:

•A person of character;

•A kind and unselfish person who cares for others, has sympathy especially for the weak, and habitually lends a helping hand to those who need it;

•A person striving after genuine virtue by way of faith, hope, love, humility, mercy, and justice;

•A motivated student and an outstanding scholar; 

• An energetic person eager to use his or her  God-given talents;

•A person dedicated to truth;

•A well-rounded person who possesses genuine skill in several areas;

•A patriotic person devoted to duty as the best way to serve the wider community; and

•A person with the instinct to lead and the desire to develop servant leadership skills in himself and others.

The Selection Committee will have these traits and criteria in mind as it reviews applications, reads applicant essays, and interviews finalists.

William of Wykeham (1320-1404)
One of the greatest names in the history of philanthropy dedicated to education is that of William of Wykeham.  He was a talented person who rose from modest beginnings to become Bishop of Winchester and Chancellor of England.  He founded schools and guaranteed that students with talent would be able to attend no matter their family's financial status.
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