Class of 2020

“I believe that Trinity is the best school in Midland and a place where friends become family."
Camille has been at Trinity for 15 years, having started in the two-year-old program in the Children’s Enrichment Center and will graduate in May of 2020. She remembers Preschool as being filled with fun-loving and carefree days, but also containing the building blocks of learning. Lower School was filled with new challenges and laid a foundation of love, protection, guidance and character building, with teachers encouraged students to take responsibility for their time, actions, and character.

Middle School was filled with new teachers and new experiences. The cross country coach invited her to become a part of that team. Camille admits that she hated running, but enjoyed being a part of a group activity. She had always wanted to cheer, but did not know anything about it. The cheerleading coach allowed her to join without trying out and she discovered that she loved cheering.

In Upper School, Camille has become a leader as yearbook editor and head prefect. She is a published writer and photographer in the Cenizo Journal of Alpine, Texas, a quarterly journal dedicated to chronicling the history and people of Far West Texas. She has recently discovered a passion for glass blowing and clay throwing, thanks to Upper School art teachers. Her dream is to become an orthodontist, but she has not settled on a college choice yet.

In thinking about why she loves Trinity, Camille says that she loves having the ability to go to Chapel every day and worship God freely. Other benefits are the small class sizes and compassionate faculty and staff. In all her years at Trinity, she has never had an uncaring teacher. The entire Trinity community makes her feel safe, secure, and loved. She values the character and values she was taught and believes Trinity has given her a solid foundation to pursue her dreams. Being a senior this year is bittersweet for her, since she has been here since she was two. She states: “I believe that Trinity is the best school in Midland and a place where friends become family. Thank you so much, Trinity! I’ll miss you!”