Full-Time Janitor

Job Summary
Janitors maintain the cleanliness and safety of the buildings in which we work, learn, and convalesce.
A janitor typically works indoors, but may also spend time outdoors, getting exposed to extremely hot, cold, or otherwise inclement weather at least during part of the workday.
Janitor Duties & Responsibilities
Janitors are often called on to perform an ever-changing variety of tasks in addition to routine cleaning duties. On a typical day a janitor's tasks might include:
  • Cleaning & disinfecting classrooms and emptying trash cans
  • Cleaning restrooms and keeping them stocked with supplies
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors
  • Shampooing carpets and polishing floors
  • Washing windows and mirrors
  • Moving supplies and light furniture (Summer work)
Work Schedule
Full Time Position. Hours during the school year will be different from summer hours, Monday through Friday, weekends off. 
Summer Hours are 7am-4pm, Monday through Friday, weekends off. (starts the week after Commencement until the 1st day of school)

Janitor Salary
The wages vary based on the level of experience, geographical location, and other factors.
Full-Time employees will get paid holidays, Paid Time Off, Vacation (see policy book for full details)
Full-Time Employees will be offered Health Benefits
Education & Training
Janitor’s position doesn't require formal training, but the position will be trained to perform on the job.
  • Training:  On-the-job training will be provided by experienced employees.
Janitor Skills & Competencies
Individuals seeking a janitorial position can gain an edge and excel in their job by possessing some of the following skills and strengths:
  • Interpersonal and communication skills: He or she will need good interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate effectively. This will help them get along with colleagues, supervisors, and the people who inhabit the facilities in which they work.
  • Physical strength: He or she should also be physically strong and have good stamina given the amount of lifting and standing that are a regular part of this job.
  • Time management: He or she will have a variety of responsibilities and must be able to manage their time and schedule well to make sure tasks and maintenance duties are completed on time.
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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.