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Alumni Spotlight: Emily Newman Dodd '06

Emily Newman Dodd ’06 attended Texas A&M University, where she received a B.S. in Zoology. She continued on at Texas A&M in the Health Science Center College of Medicine, earning her Doctor of Medicine degree, then completing an anesthesiology residency at the University of Kentucky. Her current title is Anesthesiologist at the Shannon Clinic in San Angelo, Texas

Dr. Dodd says "Trinity was a place where I always felt comfortable being myself, thanks to an incredible culture and community. Whether I was struggling through precal (God bless Ms. Rulla and her dedication to getting me through that year), observing strong female role models—like Mrs. Stroup and Mrs. George—in my science education, singing along to the Beach Boys while making a mosaic in Latin IV with Mrs. T, or spending time in Chapel learning how to connect spiritually as part of a community, I look back and realize that I was constantly being stretched and molded into an individual by people who truly cared about me. There is something really special about growing up in a school where you are known, seen, and appreciated as the individual you are, and for me, that made all the difference in cultivating the confidence I needed to hear my calling, understand what it was, and then pursue it. I will always be grateful that my education from Trinity was a rich experience that was so much more than just learning from books; it was also about learning to discover who I am, how I contribute to a community, and how to appreciate others for who they are."

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