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Alumni Spotlight: Morgan Pruett '14

Morgan Pruett '14 graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South in May 2018, magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in English.
During her time at Sewanee, Morgan also pursued advanced curricular focuses in digital art and Spanish. She is  currently pursuing a Masters in English at Boston College and she is a writing specialist working with ESL students. She just received a teaching fellowship for the academic year 2019-2020 through which she will be teaching a Freshman Writing Seminar to Boston College undergraduates. After she graduates, she hopes to go on to earn her PhD in English.  

“I appreciate so much about my Trinity experience, but I am most appreciative of the incredible quality of teaching. Trinity’s environment is much like one you would find at a collegiate liberal arts school in that it encourages creativity, balance, and drive. I learned how to write well and express my ideas fully from teachers like Laura Brown and Jennifer Hart; I learned the importance of understanding your place within a global context from Angela de Pageler; I learned perseverance and how hard work pays off from Carol Strange; I learned of the fierce power of creative activism from Nina Noel; and I learned from Linda Tervooren that an intense passion for teaching can ignite the mind of any student. These represent only a handful of teachers who inspired me during my time at Trinity and who continue to inspire me today. Not only did Trinity prepare me for my success at Sewanee, its teachers serve as role models for the teacher I hope to be one day. I am forever grateful to these giants on whose shoulders I stand.”

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.