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Successful First Tournament for Speech and Debate

Trinity Speech and Debate students, Sydney L., David V. and Danielle B. swept the TTU/Tascosa Speech and Debate tournaments on September 7, 2019.  

Danielle B. 
1st in Informative Speaking (TTU and Tascosa)
1st in Original Oratory (TTU)
1st in Impromptu (TTU)
3rd in Poetry (TTU)
1st in Poetry (Tascosa)
3rd in Impromptu (Tascosa)
4th in Original Oratory (Tascosa)

Sydney L. was 5th in Congressional Debate
Danielle is now qualified for the Texas Forensic Association State Tournament in Informative Speaking.  “What an incredibly successful first outing of the season!,” commented Trinity Speech and Debate Coach, John Klassen.  "Most kids don't "qual" until January or so...Danielle did it in one tournament."

Photo: Danielle B. posing with her multiple trophies. 

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.