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"With liberty and justice for all"

Head of School Shelby Hammer
Dear Trinity Community,

When the Trinity School community gathers for Chapel, we end the service with a patriotic song and the Pledge of Allegiance. Adult and student voices join together to affirm our commitment to the principles on which our nation was founded, “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.” Francis Bellamy wrote the original Pledge in 1892. The words “with liberty and justice for all” certainly were not true then, and once again Americans are facing the reality that they are not true now. Our fellow citizens’ experiences with education, career and social opportunities, and most notably at the moment, law enforcement, vary as widely as the color of their skin.

As an independent school in the Episcopal tradition, Trinity School is committed to the Episcopalian Baptismal Covenant “to strive for justice and peace among all people and to respect the dignity of every human being.” Striving goes beyond hoping or praying, though those activities are important. Striving involves exertion, effort, and struggle.

Part of our striving means teaching our children about these events and their historical roots. Those conversations can be uncomfortable and difficult, so we are providing a list of resources that you may find helpful in discussing these topics in your family.

Earlier this year, I appointed Shannon Weisenfels to be our Director of Spiritual Life and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. While we are grateful for Chaplain Weisenfels’ leadership, this work belongs to us all. As a community, we must strive to recognize injustice wherever it occurs, on our campus or in our community. We must then act to correct and remove the injustice. Over the coming weeks, the Administrative Leadership Team with help from the Wellness Team will be working on concrete plans to ensure that Trinity is part of the solution. We will be sharing those plans with you over the summer along with our plans for reopening campus. With our mission to enrich the mind, strengthen the body, enliven the soul, and inspire servant leadership, Trinity is uniquely poised to help our community reach that ideal of liberty and justice for all.


Shelby S. Hammer
Head of School

Trinity School of Midland

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© 2019 Trinity School. All Rights Reserved.